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Showcase of mental health top tips big success

Date: 07/10/2015

A major event designed to show easy ways to improve your mental health took place at Belfast City Hall today and was addressed by leading life coach and Bridge of Hope supporter Lindy Irving.

Lindy Irving is a renowned life coach from Scotland and she worked with Bridge of Hope some years ago delivering life coaching services to victims and survivors of the conflict. As the keynote speaker at the ‘Take Five Steps to Wellbeing’ interactive event Lindy spoke of her own struggle and encouraged people to make better and more positive life choices.

Irene Sherry, Head of Victims & Mental Health Services at Ashton Community Trust also addressed the event. In her role as co-chair of the Belfast Strategic Partnership’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Thematic Group, she said: “We know from our consultation findings in the ‘Building Emotional Resilience Strategy 2014-2017’ that there is a need to develop a focused and life course approach to Mental Health in Belfast.

“Mental wellbeing can mean lots of different things, and many factors can influence our wellbeing but for most of us it means feeling good about ourselves, our lives and the community around us.

“We hope that people will come away from this interactive ‘Take 5’ event today with some ideas about how they can improve their mental wellbeing.

“We know from all the great work being done already by groups and agencies right across the city that people want to feel well. Health is everyone’s business and will take action from all of us. This collaborative event supports this vision and is a fun way of saying take time out for yourself: connect with others, get active, learn a new skill, volunteer or take notice of the world around you. Your mental health and physical health will undoubtedly feel the benefits.”

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