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Making Sense of the Past in the Present

Bridge of Hope developed this initiative to empower local communities to come to terms with the legacy of the conflict. This process involves a programme of facilitated discussions and site visits culminating with a cross community residential. It has been delivered in areas that are struggling with the legacy of the past and are recording issues of segregation, marginalisation and isolation. The aim of this work is to promote discussion and understanding of conflict issues as well as increase levels of communication across community, religious and political divides.

Who is it for?

The programme is targeted at individuals from Catholic/Nationalist/Republican and Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist communities who are experiencing high degrees of disconnection, deprivation and marginalisation associated with the impact of the conflict. Such communities have witnessed sustained conflict, loss of life and injury and political instability. Through this programme, individuals have the opportunity to re-connect with their own communities and society at large.

What is it for?

The aim of this work is to empower community participants through engagement in a facilitated confidence building dialogue process with people from different political backgrounds so that issues can be discussed and shared. It will:

  • empower participants to engage in cross interface dialogue on the past
  • broaden participants knowledge of and community capacity to understand, legacy issues and how they shape attitudes and behaviour
  • empower participants to confidently share their experience of the conflict

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