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Can You Reheat Synthetic Urine: Navigating the Temperature Tightrope

For many users facing an unexpected drug test, synthetic urine is often the answer. However, fake pee brings up a lot of valid questions, such as “Can you reheat synthetic urine multiple times?” Everyone hates getting drug tested. Screening is usually conducted on short notice, peeing in a cup feels undignified, not to mention the stress of wondering whether you’ll pass. Failing a drug test also comes with serious consequences, such as losing a job.

It’s, therefore, easy to see why most users choose the synthetic urine route, like TestClear Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit or Quick Fix. If used correctly, fake pee pretty much guarantees a negative drug test. A big part of passing a drug test with fake pee is getting the temperature right. But, how many times can you reheat urine for drug test? And does reheating synthetic pee affect its quality and performance?

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about reheating fake pee. We’ll also share practical tips to help you keep urine at the optimal temperature. Read on!

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What is Synthetic Urine: The Burning Question

Before we dive into the details of reheating synthetic urine, let’s discuss the basics. Synthetic urine, also known as fake urine, is a substance that is manufactured in a lab to imitate real urine.

Fake pee is often used in laboratories to calibrate urinalysis equipment since it has the same physical and chemical properties as human urine. Thanks to these characteristics, synthetic pee is also used to pass drug tests by substituting it for real pee.

Synthetic Urine

Urine temperature is a vital part of passing drug tests with fake pee — handing over urine at the wrong temperature is a surefire way to fail a drug test. Your sample needs to be between 94◦F and 100◦F, the same temperature as actual pee that has just left the body.

Now that we’re familiar with the fundamental principles, let’s address the vital issue: Can you reuse synthetic urine after heating? Yes, it’s possible to heat synthetic urine more than once. Some brands assure users that they can reheat synthetic urine multiple times.

Laboratory urine, such as TestClear Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit, consists of the same compounds found in actual human urine – urea, uric acid, creatinine, ammonia, and more. This substance is also balanced for pH and specific gravity to ensure that it delivers accurate results. Synthetic urine formulation allows for the substance to be heated without hurting its quality. If, for whatever reason, the unused pee sample cools down, it can be reheated again without affecting its integrity. This is not to say that there are no potential pitfalls to reheating a synthetic urine sample.

Brand Differences

There are different synthetic urine brands from diverse manufacturers on the market. This means different fake pee varieties will have varied formulas and reheating tolerances. When reheating synthetic urine, you need to adhere to the specific guidelines provided for your chosen brand of pee.

Some of the most popular synthetic urine brands include TestClear Powdered Urine, Quick Fix, UPass, and Xstream synthetic urine. Let’s explore the varying reheating instructions for these brands.

TestClear Powdered Urine Kit

TestClear Powdered Human Urine Kit is one of the most recognizable pee brands. As the name suggests, it comes in powdered form and is mixed with water before a drug test.

If you do not use TestClear Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit on the day that it is mixed, you can refrigerate it for up to 72 hours. During this period, you can reheat the sample once using the provided heaters. TestClear Urine should not be used after the 72-hour window or reheated more than once, as this can affect its efficiency.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Another popular brand of synthetic urine is Quick Fix. Unlike TestClear pee, Quick Fix synthetic urine comes already pre-mixed. Therefore, all you need to do is heat your sample and maintain its temperature before a drug test.

So, can you reheat Quick Fix synthetic urine? The answer is a resounding yes! Quick Fix is formulated to endure multiple reheats. The manufacturer states that this fake pee can be heated and cooled an unlimited number of times before its expiry date. Of course, you’ll need to follow the provided Quick Fix instructions to maintain the integrity of the urine.

UPass Synthetic Urine

UPass Synthetic Urine is a well-established pee brand with a solid chemical formula. Like Quick Fix, UPass pee is pre-mixed making it very easy to use.

If need be, you can reheat UPass synthetic urine a few times without affecting its success rate. However, reheating UPass too often can interfere with its performance.

Xstream Synthetic Urine

Xstream fake pee is a pre-mixed urine brand that contains urea, uric acid, and other components that you’d expect in the real thing. Manufacturer guidelines state that Xstream urine should be used shortly once it has been opened and heated. Xstream fake pee is not formulated to withstand multiple reheats and cooling over a long duration.

Powdered Urine Quick Fix UPass Xstream 
Ingredients Uric acid, urea, creatinine, water, salts, etc Uric acid, urea, creatinine, salts, water, etc Urea, uric acid, creatinine, salts, water, etc Urea, uric acid, water, salts, creatinine, etc
Price  $59.95 Starts at $34.95 $29.95 $24.95
Does it reheat? Yes, once Yes, unlimited times Yes, a few times Yes, a few times
Money-back guarantee Yes Yes N/A Yes
Available at Official Testclear website Official Quick Fix website Official UPass website Official Xstream urine website
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Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
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The Risks of Reheating: Treading the Hot Path

While it’s certainly possible, it’s best to avoid reheating pee. As we’ve previously mentioned, reheating synthetic urine presents some risks. Here are some potential drawbacks that you need to be aware of when heating a fake pee sample multiple times.

  • Chemical degradation: Synthetic urine is formulated using numerous chemical compounds. Reheating a urine sample multiple times may affect the chemical properties of the fake pee. Such urine would be less reliable, and it may arouse suspicion during testing.  
  • Temperature control issues: Reheating fake pee increases the risk of uneven heating or overheating the sample. Unfortunately, an inconsistent temperature is a telltale sign of trying to game the system.
  • Detection by labs: Advancements in drug testing technology have made it harder to get away with low-quality synthetic urine. Reheating your sample increases the odds of being found out by the lab.

Alternatives to Reheating: Keeping it Cool and Collected

Reheating may deform the chemical elements in your synthetic urine sample. Fortunately, there are better alternatives that help you keep pee warm for drug test.

The Urinator

The Urinator is the pinnacle of urine-warming technology. This battery-powered, self-heating device will not only warm up your sample but also automatically maintain the optimal temperature for at least 4 hours.

All you need to do is store your sample in The Urinator and submit it when you’re ready. And the best part? The Urinator is reusable and it can also work with a human urine sample. If you’re worried about how to keep fake urine at body temperature, this device is the ultimate solution.

Hand Warmers and Heat Pads

Hand warmers and heat pads are a common choice for people looking to maintain urine temperature for a drug test. Most high-quality synthetic urine brands come with a heating pad for this purpose. TestClear Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit is a popular option that includes 2 heating pads to maintain the correct urine temperature. Once activated, most heat pads and hand warmers will maintain the correct urine temperature for up to 8 hours. Quick Fix synthetic urine heating pads are an excellent choice for individuals looking to regulate urine temperature.


If you’re out of options, you can use a microwave to quickly warm up your pee sample. However, you need to be careful when heating urine in microwave for drug test. To avoid overheating and uneven heating in your sample, warm it in 10-second instalments and shake the pee for even heat distribution.

Reheating Tips for the Cautious Chemist

If you need to reheat synthetic urine, certain measures will safeguard the quality of your sample. Here is how to reheat urine for a drug test.

  • Temperature Monitoring: When reheating pee, use an accurate thermometer to ensure that your sample is within the right range. Most synthetic urine brands also provide a temperature strip to help you monitor the warmth of the pee.
  • Avoid Overheating: Regardless of your chosen reheating method, ensure that the urine does not exceed the normal body temperature of 98F (37C). A realistic temperature reading prevents closer scrutiny of your sample.
  • Storage and handling: Improper handling and storage of synthetic urine can affect the quality and efficiency of the sample. Fake urine should be stored in a sterile airtight container to avoid contamination. Also, ensure that the pee is away from direct sunlight or heat sources.


How Long Does Fake Pee Last Once Heated?

Once you’ve prepared and heated a urine sample, it’s advisable to use it within 24 hours to prevent bacterial growth. However, some brands like Quick Fix state that their urine can be heated and cooled an unlimited amount of times during its shelf life.

Does Fake Pee Expire?

Yes. Just like with any other product, synthetic urine comes with an expiration date. Depending on the brand, pee can have a shelf life of 1 to 2 years. Check your bottle of fake urine to verify its expiration date.

Does Synthetic Urine Really Work?

Yes. Quality synthetic urine, like TestClear Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit, mimics the physical and chemical properties of real urine. Since it’s free from contaminants and drug toxins, it can be used to pass a drug test.

How Long Do You Put Fake Pee in the Microwave?

To heat fake pee using a microwave, warm it for 10 seconds, shake the bottle, and check the temperature strip. If it’s not warm enough, heat it for an additional 10 seconds. If it’s too hot (no reading on the temperature strip) allow it to cool down till it indicates a favourable reading.

Can a Drug Test Detect Synthetic Urine?

Quality synthetic urine will pass a drug test. To avoid being found out, choose a reliable pee brand and ensure that your sample indicates the correct temperature.

Banner Testclear Urine Simulation Kit with Powdered Human Urine and Heater

Urine Simulation Kit
(Powdered Human Urine+Heater)

  • It’s real drug-free human urine
  • All YOU NEED TO PASS A TEST IN ONE PACK: real urine powder, a medical vial, a temperature strip; two air-activated heaters
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We hope that this article answers all your questions on the topic “Can you reheat fake pee?” To sum it up, it’s possible to reheat a synthetic urine sample for a drug test without compromising its quality. That being said, you must exercise caution and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to a tee. If possible, you can use devices such as The Urinator or heat pads to maintain the temperature and eliminate the need for reheating.

When choosing a synthetic pee brand and heating methods, go for an option that best suits your needs.


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