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Ashton Community Trust Meet New Victims Commissioner

Ashton Community Trust Meet New Victims Commissioner


Ashton Community Trust hosted a visit from the newly appointed Victims Commissioner Kathryn Stone recently which saw staff engage honestly and positively with her around a range of live issues.
The visit took place in the Ashton Centre on Thursday November 29 and saw the Chief Executive of ACT Paul Roberts, Head of Victims Services Irene Sherry and other staff meet with Kathryn and policy advisor Adrian McNamee.
Speaking afterwards Irene Sherry said she was delighted to have met with the new Victims Commissioner.
 “It was great to meet Kathryn in person and show her what we do at first hand to support victims and survivors. The sector is currently undergoing substantial change and the meeting offered us the opportunity to engage with the Commissioner around a range of important strategic issues. We would like to take this opportunity to express our desire to work closely with her and the team in the future.”

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