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Bridge of Hope Health and Wellbeing Day March 2013

Bridge of Hope Health and Wellbeing Day March 2013


Bridge of Hope Health Day

Bridge of Hope held a very successful health and well being event recently in the McSweeney Centre and would like to thank everyone who took part.   A large number of people from the local area turned up on the day to enjoy a range of practical services, treatments and advice from health practitioners.  The Health Day included sessions on relaxation, image, how to look after your back, staying fit, staying active, healthy heart, Physio Acoustic Soundwave Therapy as well as waxing and nail treatments.  In addition everyone was able to enjoy natural fruit smoothies and a tasty lunch. We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting another positive health day on Wednesday March 27 at the McSweeney Centre from 12.ooto 3.00pm and we hope to see you all there!


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